Tuesday, 08 November 2011 19:40 Eric Martin
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Like the calendar?  Think you have what it takes to be a Tactical Girl?

Things you should know before hand.  We don't ask more of you than we are willing to do ourselves.  I have been chest deep in 60° F water holding a $7k camera system taking photos of models looking the part for hours.  I have laid in sand with fleas and ants crawilng on me to get "The Photo".  I may be dangling from a rappelling rope to get the images we need.  Why you ask?  We take this seroiusly and shoot every image like we are making an action movie.

We have a rigorous interview and selection process.  We only want fun loving, mature, reliable and professional women for this production.  We may ask you to get up at 4:45 am for hair and makeup.  If you are still interested at this point and are going to start the recruiting process please include a few photos if you have them.  At a minimum a head shot and a bikini shot.  We are not necessarily looking for Ms. Universe or Ms. Fitness USA.  What we do want is what our audience would believe the correct physique portraying a "heroine" with a weapon.  Our photos depict what our "character" would be doing 2 seconds before the action begins.  We are serious and need our models to be the right woman for the job.

Our calendar is based on beautiful women with ”fully functional" Class I & Class III weapons in realistic tactical settings. We are not your standard production company.  We want serious models that have the physique, attitude and looks to represent the world's armed forces and law enforcement personnel.  Why you ask?  Because we believe in providing a product that our audience will love.

We also donate a minimum of 10% of our print run each year to deployed soldiers and various military non-profits. We do this out of appreciation for the men and women protecting the walls that we sleep soundly behind, who in turn, insure our freedom.  It is a win-win.

We are currently recruiting for the 2014 Tactical Girls Calendar and other projects. We will only accept women who meet the criteria to be a TacGirl.  We are building a brand name that we hope will in the future be the "Playboy Bunny" of bikini gun calendars (minus the nudity).  We demand from our models only 100% of what we contribute 150% of.  Most of our shoots will start early mornings (6:00am) or early evenings (4-5:00pm) to get the best light. If you are a shooter, ex-military, active military, law enforcement or just think you have what it takes, drop me a line back.

Please include your photos, measurements, height, weight, shoe size, tatoo and piercing locations (if any) and any other information you think will be useful in the application process.

Production and photo shoots for 2014 projects expected to start in the fall of 2012.

NOTE: We do not shoot nudity, so don't ask.  And please, no drama.

You can reach me by email me at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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